What we do?


Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) –development, concept design, construction, and configuration with the execution of containerized, plug and play lithium-ion/ lithium titanate battery storage systems designed for operational stability and system longevity. Uses are : energy generation for consumption, frequency stabilization, or offsetting on and off-grid energy needs with a total nominal battery capacity ranging from 600 kWh.

Micro-grids – development, concept design, construction, and configuration with the execution of a 1 MW solar-based renewable energy system made of photovoltaic cells that generate power and allow the system to act independently of the main grid, but also integrate and interact with the main grid when desired. A microgrid provides low-cost and efficient green energy independent of the regional electric grid which is useful for remote areas with unstable or congested energy supply, eradicating energy poverty.

Motor Controllers for commercial Electric Vehicles (Buses and Commercial vehicles) 5 KW-250 KW – Our electronically embedded motors help efficiently convert stored energy in batteries to generate motion. Our controllers are for use with Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors and are often described as the “carburettor” of an electric vehicle.

Hydrogen-fuelled energy solutions using solar-generated electric currents to separate water into oxygen and hydrogen, is a complete carbon emission-free process, creating hydrogen power that can be stored and used easily.

RPO (Renewable Purchase Obligation) and REC (Renewable Energy Certificates) 

A BESS collects energy from an electricity grid or renewable power sources, such as solar and wind, and stores it using battery storage technology. Then, batteries discharge and release the energy when necessary—during peak demands, power outages, and in a variety of other applications. As per the proposed policy by the Ministry of Power, ESS developers shall be granted Inter-State Transmission System connectivity under General Network Access (GNA) allowing them to sell/ purchase power from any part of the country. Quantum of ESS included with Round-The-Clock (RTC) Renewable Energy shall be counted as Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) for storage. Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) may be issued to ESS. Discoms/ Obligated entities can set up their own storage or procure storage capacity or lease storage space from public or private ESS developers. Any sale of electricity from storage or sale/ lease of storage space may be through open competitive bidding or Power exchange or through tariff fixed u/s 62. The policy proposes that transmission cost for RE shall be waived both at the time of charging the storage as well as at the time of selling the stored RE.