For the last 3 years, the team at Sara has been working on teaming up with the best in the business to supply Energy Storage and Floating Solar Plant Systems. This year, Sara will launch these businesses along with its partners.

The salient features for this business will be:

Floating Solar

Sara is proud to introduce for the first time in India, our partners’ metal –frame based on structural integrity, floating body as an Eco-friendly product. The proven mooring system responds to water level fluctuation automatically, and stabilizes the floating body thus creating a system which will last for over 20 years.

Energy Storage Systems

Sara engineers energy storage systems for public and commercial enterprises. We have partnered with a Global Company to assemble/produce these systems in India. Sara guarantees high-quality systems that also allow flexible application in Microgrids/Peak Shaving for Factories/Replacement of Diesel Generators, among other applications.