Mr. Sameer Savara

Sameer Savara, 45, is the Head of Business Development and the Managing Partner of Sara Incorporated. An MBA from Northeastern University, Boston, Sameer founded Sara Incorporated with several years of experience in banking, management consultancy and the Infrastructure Industry. In 2000, Sameer played a significant role in the conceptualization and formation of Sara Incorporated, having identified the niche for a professionally run business for the supply of equipment and services to the Oil & Gas/Power Sector. He has personally worked on and developed many of the successful partnerships of Sara Incorporated in the last 15 years.

Mr.Sunil Rihan

A Graduate Engineer with over 30 years of experience, Sunil has planned and executed several turnkey projects – starting from technology assessment to signing up international collaboration agreements, obtaining government approvals, implementing technology transfers, selection of plant and machinery and proto-type approvals. Sunil therefore brings valuable hands-on experience in enterprise management including domestic marketing and exports, after sales-service, manufacturing, quality control, human relations and profit center operations. Sunil has also traveled extensively all over the world for technology evaluation, trade fairs and exports.

Mr. S. D. Khullar

Mr. S D Khullar was the head of procurement in BHEL, Hardwar and came to be known, over the years, for his visionary approach as well as valuable practical contributions in terms of effective planning, complete transparency, and increased productivity in procurement for the company. Starting his career as an Assistant Executive Engineer in the Heavy Fabrication Area of the plant, he contributed to the reduction of the manufacturing cycle of Major/ Heavy Assemblies. Quality Improvement was achieved by control on Rejection / Rework and Cost Reduction achieved by control of wastages of Direct and Indirect Materials and Resources. By a planned switch over to new technology – from obsolete Russian machinery to compact, precision systems from Siemens, Germany, he improved customer satisfaction and was also able to consistently improve upon production targets. Under his leadership, the Fabrication department had the privilege of winning the Productivity shield, the Quality shield, and the Safety shield. Mr Khullar also contributed in the area of Materials Management by creating computerized checks resulting in the control of Inventories, especially Non-moving, Slow-moving and other inactive inventories. Material consumption especially of indirect materials was controlled to reduce cost. Improvements were also effected by introducing a process of competitive bidding during procurement,enlargement of the supplier base, and regular Interaction with suppliers.

Mr. Raghu Iyer – CPA

He has completed his and FCA. He is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in November 1984. He secured 4th rank in his Final CA examination on all India and 3rd rank in his Inter CA examination on all India basis.

Mr K. Girish Kumar

Mr. K. Girish Kumar is Senior Manager of Sara Incorporated based in Delhi (NCR). Mr. Girish Kumar has experience of 38 years in the Power Industry, where he has worked in manufacturing unit and various Divisions viz; Human Resource Training, Industry Sector, Corporate Office. He has rich experience in all fields.