Energy Storage Systems

Sara Incorporated in cooperation with Danfoss

Danfoss Industries and Sara Incorporated commissioned a 270 Kw/Hr Battery Energy Storage System, S-Grid, at Danfoss’s India Plant to provide system flexibility while charging it from the 1.2 MW Solar plant installed on the premises.

Danfoss Industries Pvt Ltd. (Subsidiary of the 7 Billion Euros in sales Danfoss Group with its HQ in Denmark) and Sara Incorporated, inaugurated India’s first privately owned and managed grid-scale battery-based energy storage system, S-Grid, in Oragadam, Chennai. The 270 kilowatt-hours (KWh) system, designed and commissioned by Sara Incorporated, will pave the path for the wider adoption of grid-scale energy storage technology across India.

Battery-based energy storage enables electricity to be stored and then delivered within milliseconds, reducing the instability of the electric grid and enabling more energy to be captured and delivered on-demand. India has the ambitious vision of installing 250 GW of renewable energy generation by 2025.

Battery-based energy storage provides the flexibility and agility to better integrate intermittent solar and wind energy resources into India’s electric grid and ensure high-quality power for consumers.

S-Grid, a 270 KW/Hr project, is located at Oragadam, Chennai, and will be charged by the 1.2 MW Solar Plant at Danfoss’s facility. This system is part of the journey at Danfoss to become carbon-free by 2030. Danfoss also proposes to add a charging station to this system to enable a fully green vehicle with no fossil fuel requirement for charging.


Cell Technology LiFePO4
Nominal Cell Voltage 3.2
Nominal Battery Voltage/Min/Max 880/920/1000V
Installed Capacity 270kWh (288 x 100S3P)
Usable Energy at 80% DOD 215 kWh
Usable Energy at 75% DOD 200 kWh
Power Delivery & Charging
Nominal/Max discharging Current (0.5C/1C) 135/270A (Fuse protection at 400A)
Max Charging Current (0.5C) 135A (Two-hour Charge rate)
Expected Cycles @ 70D0D @1C >4000 Cycles (.5C Charge and Discharge)
Expected Cycles @ 80DOD @1C >3000 Cycles (.5C Charge and Discharge)
Efficiency @ C1 +-90%
Temperature Charge -25°C-55°C Discharge -20°C-65°C
Battery Management System (BMS)
Digital Battery Management System Master-Slave topology
CMS (Cell Management System) 12 LiFeP04 per CMU (24xCMU Modules)
Communications Can Bus diagnostics interface
ISOSPI Bus internal comms
CAN bus 2.0 A&B
MCU - Isolated Power Supply 6-35V Power from the main pack - No ups needed
MCU Power Consumption <3.2W @ 12V <20mW @ 12C in sleep mode
CMU- Power Supply Minimum 3 Cells 6-40V
CMU- Power Consumption <0.6W for 12cells (operating) <0.3mW (sleep mode)
Temperature Measurements Cell-Level and CMU level (Total of 288)
Protection 120 + Error messages
Dimensions BESS Module
Width 2200 mm
Depth 530 mm
Height 22300 mm
Weight (without Cells) 300 kg
Weight (with Cells) 2000 kg
EMS & Control Siemens S7 1200
User Communications Can-BUS(Isolated & non Isolated) Profi Bus, RS232
TCP/IP: Modbus - Profi Net