Euroturbine is an independent company rendering engineering, consultancy and supply services to the Gas turbine and Steam turbine industry worldwide. Euroturbine has established alliance agreements with many turbine research centers, vendors of turbine parts and equipment manufacturers of the turbine industry. Through these alliances, Euroturbine has unique access to a complete chain of supply to render Design & Engineering services and provide long-term supply contracts.

Euroturbine employs a group of engineers with many years of experience in rotating equipment for the power generation and oil & gas industry. Extensive experience on engineering and upgrades and supply of parts for all types of rotating equipment and replacement parts is present within the company and its associates. Our commitment to quality and technology results in products and services that incorporate the latest in best practices, materials, coatings, designs and high-value engineering.

The performance of these products and services in all cases equals, and often exceeds, anything available from any other source and is qualified against the ISO9001-2000 requirements.


  • Prototyping and process development for manufacture of gas turbine blades (buckets) and vanes (nozzles)
  • Combustion System Manufacturing for all types of Industrial Gas Turbines ( IGT )
  • Design, upgrade, and Manufacture of steam turbine airfoiled parts (nozzles & blades)


  • GT Hot and Cold section parts repair and upgrade
  • Steam turbine parts repair
  • Rotor repairs and overhaul
  • Consulting services to optimize overhaul and maintenance management
  • Flow Testing and Calibration of all cooled blades and nozzles.
  • Finite Element analysis.
  • Solid Modeling and rapid prototyping.
  • Combustor Upgrades and Tuning.
  • Instrumentation and control redesign.